Could Nick Langworthy Become NYS GOP Chairman?

GOP leaders say Langworthy can bring change party needs

Tom Puckett
April 30, 2019 - 4:00 am

Erie County GOP Chair Nick Langworthy following interviews with nine NY27 republican candidates. August 21, 2018 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy is putting in his bid to become the next state GOP chairman. Monday, he received endorsements from Republican committees in Schenectady, Onondaga, Saratoga, Staten Island and Allegany Counties.

On Tuesday, Langworthy received more endorsements from the GOP chairs in Cattaraugus, Albany, Delaware, Montgomery and Steuben Counties.

Langworthy says a change is needed after the midterm elections. "It's critical we infuse an enthusiasm in this party that's been lacking in some time. We lost a majority in the State Senate, and the leadership's pretended nothing's wrong," says Langworthy. "I think there's been a sore lack of leadership, and we need to retool this party block by block, and I'm prepared to do that."


Langworthy says recruitment of candidates is key. "We must recruit better candidates, with a stronger emphasis on women, and empower them within the party," says Langworthy. He says the party must also bring generational change to the party.

WBEN contributor Michael Caputo says Langworthy is the man who can do it. "He's been keeping his powder dry, hoping things would get better under the current chairman, but things have not gotten better. There's been frustration statewide by rank and file Republicans," Caputo says. "He's been talking to them for years. I think it's a strong possibility he'll be the next state chairman. I think he's got a really good chance."

Caputo says Langworthy has focused on winning in blue areas. "The fact Republicans hold public office in Erie County with a deep blue registration advantage for the Democrats, you don't see that in other parts of the state. Nick knows how to do that, he can take that and spread it to other parts of the state," believes Caputo.

Caputo says Langworthy has also been able at picking his battles, and already has proven he can back winners.

The vote is expected between June 25th and luly 10th.

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