The Costs of a DWI

How much it can impact someone's life

Matt Moran
July 19, 2018 - 5:00 am

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With legal and court fees as well as the rise in insurance. The cost to overcome a DWI can pile up. Attorney Arthur Pressman says if you want the proper representation it is going to cost you.

"There's really no inexpensive way of going about it," Pressman said. "A lot of times you get what you pay for."

Pressman does say though the typical total cost in Buffalo is $ 7,500 which is lower than the state and national average when it comes to fees. He says a high rate of attorneys per capita is a possible reason. Pressman says the costs may seem like a lot but its worth it with how important it is to be able to drive.

"Not being able to drive is very difficult especially without a mass transport throughout the suburbs," Pressman said. "If you can't drive to work, if you can't drive your kids, it's a major issue."

Pressman says his best advice is to finding an Attorney who focuses on DWI cases. 

One issue that some do not know about when it comes to having a DWI. Entering Canada. If you are an American Citizen you can be banned from entering the country for up to 10 years. 

Jamie Feigel with Feigel and Carr Law Firm works with clients who deal with this issue. She says this issue is on the rise because of the increased communication between the US and Canada where Canadian Border Control can now see if you have DWI on your record by just swiping your passport. 

"We get clients who are going to Canada frequently and never seen this as an issue, and all of sudden they go and they are pulled aside and denied entry and sent back to the United States," Feigel said.

Feigel says there are ways petition to the Canadian Government to be allowed in. After five years of your sentancing being over you can apply for rehabilitation that can allow you acces. If one is to ever have two offenses of any type of DWI no matter how severe. There are permanently banned from entering the country. 


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