Congressman Collins on WBEN Making Re-Election Push

Calls out McMurray for calling Trump 'clown'

Tom Puckett
October 10, 2018 - 11:59 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Congressman Chris Collins spent 20 minutes on WBEN this morning stating his case for re-election.

Speaking with Michael Caputo, Collins says he's running actively while under indictment on charges of insider trading. "In America, you're innocent until proven guilty. There is a certain cloud there and it's a burden I will carry while I work to protect seat. President Trump needs a congress that will work with him and not against him," says Collins. Collins says his opponent Nate McMurray is disrespectful of President Trump, claimng McMurray has referred to Trump as a clown and a con artist.

He says the Democrats have a lot of energy. "They've been going against Trump since the beginning. Now we have supreme court locked in for three decades. Thank heavens we had control of the Senate because we got Kavanaugh and Gorsuch out of it," explains Collins. He urges people to vote so the Democrats don't get control of the House. "A Nancy Pelosi House would try to impeach Trump and repeal the tax reform we put in," warns Collins. "Democrats believe in open borders and sanctuary cities. We believe in rule of law."

Collins says he stands on his record of six years. "I can't change what happened. Meritless charges caught me by surprise. It's important to keep this seat in Congress to support Donald Trump as opposed to an inquisition over next two years with Maxine Waters attacking the White House every day," says Collins.

He adds the race is not just about him. He says it's about voting against Andrew Cuomo.

Collins says McMurray took his videos down. "Thankfully we have all tweets from him calling Trump a clown and con artist. His little speech to the Korean people was mocking President Trump. He's a dangerous individual in that he will say ANYTHING to get elected" claims Collins. "He supports single payer health care. He can't step away from that because it's his own voice. The next ad we're having tomorrow will have his voice again tomorrow. He supported Korean/US trade act that cost is 95,000 jobs." Collins adds Trump will absolutely not work with a guy like McMurray, saying every hearing will be an inquisition against the Trump administration. It will tie the government up.

His message to voters is simple. "You have to vote. Vote for me to keep our seat republican. I'm a strong Trump supporter for NY27, who can take all issues to administration and get a dialogue. Whether it's Flight 3407 or you name it, I have influence. We need to keep seat Republican."


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