Congress seeks info on private Trump-Putin chats

Michael Caputo: " "I'll cooperate with this"

March 04, 2019 - 4:13 pm

Washington, DC (AP/WBEN) The House Judiciary Committee is launching a sweeping new probe of President Donald Trump, his White House, his campaign and his businesses. The panel is sending document requests to 81 people linked to the president and his associates. One of those is Michael Caputo.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler says the investigation will be focused on obstruction of justice, corruption and abuses of power. The aggressive, broad investigation could set the stage for impeachment, although Democratic leaders have pledged to investigate all avenues and review special counsel Robert Mueller's report before taking drastic action. Nadler said Monday's document requests are a way to "begin building the public record" and the committee has the responsibility to investigate.

Caputo says he received such a request. "If anybody thinks Nadler's committee, which is staffed by children of his biggest donors, will come up with a miraculous conclusion the Mueller committee couldn't come to is kidding themselves," says Caputo. "I'll cooperate with this. It's just another example of how House Democrats are harassing President Trump until they lose the House in 2020."

Caputo says there's not much for him to give to the committee. "My submission will be a thin envelope. They're asking for documents about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer, which was at the time I was director of communications for Trump while at the Republican National Convention, so I had nothing to do with that," says Caputo.

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