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Compeer Buffalo Secures Over $2 Million in Grants

"As a country, we're in a mental health crisis."

October 25, 2018 - 5:00 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN) - Congressman Brian Higgins has announced a major federal grant has been awarded Compeer Buffalo.

Tim Boling is the CEO, and he describes what Compeer tries to achieve.

"Our core program is that we match individuals who have a mental health diagnosis with volunteers in the community," he said.

Boling added that it's a non-clinical program; it simply serves to help build friendships in the lives of those dealing with mental health issues because they have a tendency to pull back. The program also focuses on adolescents. 

"If you're a youth and you have a mental health crisis in school, you're a target by other kids in the school who may want to target you for bullying," said Boling. "A lot of those kids don't fit in, so their friend in the program is sometimes the most important thing."

Higgins says that the competition for these grants was highly competitive, and the fact they were awarded to Compeer Buffalo shows a distinct nod of confidence in their ability as an organization.

"These are highly competitve grants, nationall and throughout the state," said Higgins. "What Congress does is appropriates those funds by law with one directive, and it's basically that you fund those programs that are most effective and efficient.This win today belongs to Compeer."

Hear the entire news conference below:

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