Common Council Takes Step to Help Re-develop Aud Block

"This is a rather easy vote for the Council."

WBEN Newsroom
December 10, 2019 - 2:13 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN) - On Tuesday, the Buffalo Common Council is voting on an item that should help expedite the process of re-developing the Aud Block - the release of the revisionary interest in the land.

"Basically, the land would be returned back to the city if the project did not go forward," said Pridgen. "This allows there to be a clean title, so, in layman's terms, it's almost as if the city has not fully released the land until there was a project."

Pridgen added this is really an easy, common sense kind of vote.

"It basically frees up the title so that the developers can do whatever they need to do as far as financing and other things to make the project start to move forward," he said. "Without that happening, there can be no closing on that property."

Sinatra & Company Director of Development Amy Nagy says the specific area this is in regard to is commonly known as the South Aud Block.

"We are preparing to go through the final stages to transfer the land to allow our Heritage Point project to proceed, which will be a a mixed use project," she said.

Pridgen says the revitalization of Canalside, and really the entire city, has been extremely encouraging, and he wants that momentum to continue.

"To see this Aud Block come back to life and to have an interested developer at this point after so so many starts and stops is important," said Pridgen. "It is in the Canalside area, which we have a lot of people now utilizing - people have been waiting for something to occur - so this is a rather easy vote for the Council, it is the right thing to do in order to see some positive development happening in that area."

Listen to Pridgen's full comments below:

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