Common Council Approves Resolution for Body Cams

Pridgen calls this support for Erie County Sheriff's Deputies

Tom Puckett
February 06, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Buffalo Common Council passed a resolution supporting body cams on Erie County Sheriff's Deputies. President Darius Pridgen says the only reason deputies were mentioned is because they've already tested out the body cams.

"The resolution is just in support of the sheriff deputies who especially work in the city of Buffalo to be equipped with body cams," says Pridgen. "The city of Buffalo has already gone on record supporting body cams unanimously so we are working toward that."

Pridgen says this is a matter of helping improve community relations. "We have great deputies and great citizens, and this is a way to continue to build trust, so when officers need information the public feels more trust to cooperate,'"notes Pridgen. That trust also applies to confrontations. "What would be unfortunate was if there were a stop and it wasn't a Buffalo Police Officer and the opportunity to be afforded a body cam wouldn't be there."

In a statement, the Sheriff's Office said that the only deputies assigned to the city are patrolling county buildings and properties, and asked why the didn’t include other agencies such as State Police, DEA, or FBI, and instead only the Sheriff's department.

Pridgen emphasizes he's willing to work with Sheriff Tim Howard. "I want to work together. The sheriff says it's a financial situation, so this is when government should work together, to say if finance is needed, the state should pay more attention if it sees local government working together," notes Pridgen.

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