Collins and McMurray battle on in race for NY House seat

McMurray asking for "all votes to be counted"

November 07, 2018 - 7:30 pm

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP/WBEN) — The race between indicted Republican U.S. Rep. Chris Collins and Democratic challenger Nate McMurray in western New York remains too close to call and might not be decided for days.

Collins' campaign and McMurray held Wednesday news conferences to talk about where things stand.

McMurray took back his election night concession speech with unofficial returns showing him within 3,000 votes of Collins. But McMurray says he never used the word concede. "That was the word the media used," says McMurray, when he told supporters on election night he was falling "a little short."

McMurray is not calling for a recount, just asking for all votes to be counted. "We need to count the ballots. There is a lot of room to grow," says McMurray. "Right now, we have a one percent divide in an area that is huge." McMurray trails by about 2,800 votes but "there are over 18,000 votes that have not been counted yet. We need to respond, and our respond is we're going to fight like hell for every single vote, and every voice is heard." McMurray says if he loses fair and square, so bie it.

Collins' adviser Christopher Grant says the results were close but decisive. "Congressman Collins won and he will continue to do what's he always done: serve the residents of New York," says Grant, who added Collins was back to work Wednesday. He predicted the absentee ballots won't change the outcome. Unofficial results give Collins a 2,800-vote lead.

Grant says McMurray can't call for a recount. "New York doesn't have a recount. New York has an automatic canvas. What that means is the numbers you saw (Tuesday) night were unofficial ballot totals from various polling locations," says Grant, which he says is light years beyond other states in electoral integrity.

Grant says the respective boards will start the automatic canvas next week, with results certified by the end of the month.

Grant says it's time for McMurray to "be an adult" and concede the race. "What Nate McMurray is trying to do is steal the results of the election from the will of the voters. He's trying to put it in the hands of a judge," claims Grant.


Win or lose, Collins faces trial in 2020 on charges of insider trading and lying to the FBI. He’s pleaded not guilty.

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