City Ramps Pledge No Gouging for NCAA

Thousands will need parking downtown

Tom Puckett
March 16, 2017 - 7:48 am
Parking Ramp



March Madness is here, and as fans head downtown, parking will no doubt be an issue.

At Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps, Sam Iraci says his group is getting prepared.

"We are planning for the worst, or I guess you could say the best scenario, where we could get an onslaught. We are planning that way, we are staffing up that way," Iraci says.

The last time Buffalo hosted NCAA tournament play, there were complaints four years ago about price gouging at public lots

Iraci says he has no desire to increase profits at the expense of visitors.

"for a major event like this, we basically charge what our normal event rates are," Iraci said. 

Iraci says One Seneca Tower's rate will be 10 dollars this week, the same as any other event.

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