City Prepared to Help with Hospital Move

Stepniak: impressed with planning by Kaleida

Tom Puckett
November 10, 2017 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The move to the Oishei Children's Hospital will soon begin, and the city's public works commissioner says he's impressed with the planning by Kaleida.

Commissioner Steve Stepniak says all the logistics and planning for the move was done by Kaleida, and his role will be to help in the move. "We reassured them we can get them access. The logistics have been incredible, on every issue, and crews will be on scene monitoring to help wherever possible," says Stepniak. "My operation engineer and I will be there for the entire process and we think it will be smooth."

Stepniak says one helping factor will be the fact today is a federally designated holiday (Veteran's Day is Saturday). "There will be fewer folks in the morning for the commute," says Stepniak, who also believes the public has received the message to stay away if possible. "I think the help from the media has helped people understand that. We think the cooperation will be immense, though we know we will have to provide some access for those who need to be there," says Stepniak.

Stepniak adds roads have been pre-treated with temperatures dipping below freezing. 

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