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City Officials Elated With July 4th Celebration on the Waterfront

"Estimates are at 40,000-plus people attended the Buffalo Waterfront."

July 05, 2019 - 1:03 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN) - According to city officials, the first day of the July 4th weekend's festivities really couldn't have gone much better.

"Yesterday we saw an absolutely enormous turnout for the 4th of July and the arrival of the tall ships," said Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo. "Estimates are at 40,000-plus people attended the Buffalo Waterfront for both events, and I'm very happy to say that both events went very smoothly - we had no issues, we had no security concerns - and traffic worked very well, so I want to say thank you to the public for adhering to our advice in terms of where to park and how to access this area."

With all of the partying that typically takes place on the 4th, Rinaldo says there weren't any arrests - just a few health related concerns that turned out to be no big deal.

"We've had the same security program in place for the 4th of July down here for a number of years, and we feel the plan is working clearly," said Rinaldo. "Yesterday, zero arrests related to any of the waterfront activities, zero crimes, so we feel we did a good job working with all of our state, federal and local partners."

He added the traffic and security measures will remain in place for the weekend.

"If you plan on driving down to the area, the closest that you're going to be able to get to Canalside will be east of Main Street," he began. "All of the normal Sabres parking lots, ramps, and Canalside concert parking areas will be open as they usually are, but we're encouraging people to use the Metro Rail park and ride lots."

Listen to Rinaldo's entire press conference below:

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