Ciminelli Revises Bidwell & Elmwood Plan to Fit Green Code

January 12, 2017 - 10:42 am
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation presented a revised development plan this afternoon for Arbor + Reverie, a mixed-use development project slated for the area of Bidwell Parkway, Elmwood and Potomac Avenues in the City of Buffalo.
“Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation has been gathering robust public feedback on Arbor + Reverie for more than 14 months now. They’ve undergone an extensive community outreach process, and through that the project has continued to positively evolve,” said Adam Walters, Partner, Phillips Lytle LLP.

“For example, the team met with the preservation community early on in the planning process, which informed Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation’s decision to save and rehabilitate the Skateshop building and save the facade of the historic storefronts between Bidwell and Potomac Avenues. Outreach such as this will continue as the project moves forward.”

Ciminell says the project is also in compliance with the City’s new Green Code, with the exception of height and courtyard variances. 

“The City of Buffalo spent a significant amount of time advancing the Green Code, and the result is tremendous. With every step in planning this project, we’ve had the Green Code in mind. As the Green Code process has evolved, so too has the Arbor + Reverie project, which is now top-line compliant with the new code,” said  Walters , representing the company at a meeting on Elmwood Ave. Thursday. .

“Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation is following the typical process of filing for site review and going before the Preservation Board for a consultation and to present the project. These are the standard steps that we’ve anticipated and planned for and are directly in line with the Green Code.”
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