Chris Collins Now a Florida Resident

Looking for leniency in sentencing

AP Photo

(WBEN) - Just a week after stepping down as the Congressional Representative for New York's 27th District, Former Congressman Chris Collins is changing his legal residence to Florida. 

In an email to his closest friends and supporters, Collins is asking those who know him best to write a letter to the judge, on his behalf, attesting to his character and accomplishments and argue for leniency. The change of address was made clear in that letter.

Collins pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and making a false statement. He faces 4 years in prison when sentenced in January. 

"This is a way to bring the temperature down and lessen the stress in his life," said political strategist Carl Calabrese.  He was not surprised to hear that Collins has left the area.

"His life is going to be tense enough between now and his sentencing date.  He's pleaded guilty and regardless of where he lives, he's going to fly back and face the judge and face the court," said Calabrese.

Collins owns properties in Clarence, Manhattan and Marco Island, Florida.

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