Chick-Fil-A Opening This Year

Will open Cheektowaga location in the 4th quarter

Richard Root
January 23, 2018 - 4:16 am

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) - Chick-fil-A says they will open a location in Cheektowaga in the fourth quarter of this year.  

They haven't released an exact date, yet, but we do know the location will be at 1753 Walden Avenue, which is on the east side of the 90 across the street from the Target Plaza.

"We look forward to sharing details about the confirmed opening date, hiring and grand opening events in the future, " said Chick-fil-A Communications Manager Brenda Morrow in a statement.

If you have a Chick-fil-A addiction and live in the north towns, the Cheektowaga location will have to suffice for now.  Morrow added in the statement "while we hope to be able to serve the Amherst community in the future, we do not currently have any locations to confirm."

At least Cheektowaga isn't an hour and half drive like Erie, PA is, although the wait in line is likely to be an hour and half for the first several months.

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