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Chef's On The Go to Expand Across the Country

New Amherst location will be first of many

June 11, 2019 - 12:50 pm

AMHERST (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - On Tuesday morning, Chef's held a press conference on Sheridan Drive in Amherst at Williamsville Place to further explain the details of their new Northtowns location.

Part-owner of Chef's, Louis Billittier, explained how the new location will differentiate itself from the original.

"The Chef's On The Go concept will offer customers the opportunity to come in, phone in or log in your order from a menu that will feature some of what has become so popular at Seneca Street location, including our world famous spaghetti parm and our world famous pasta sauce," said Billittier. "You can take it out, or you can drive here to get your pre-ordered selection at our pickup window."

To go along with the new location, the restaurant will soon be unveiling a Chef's On The Go app, which will include a customer loyalty program and an online ordering feature. For those who have the time to enjoy a sit-down meal, the Amherst location will offer that option.

"We live in a world of instant messaging with children with schedules that rival their parents at multitasking," he said. "As a result, diners want their food prepared, served and delivered faster; the Chef's On The Go experience will cater to that but with the same quality customers have come to expect over all these years."

While the expansion into Amherst has been known for several months, another announcement was made at the press conference - the Chef's On The Go location in Amherst will not be the extent of their expansion.

"I'm very excited today to announce that the Chef's On The Go will be franchised across the nation," said Billittier. "In fact, we already have received interest from potential franchises in the south, as well as throughout the country."

The Amherst location is set to open up in September, and Billittier said that the first 100 people to show up for the grand opening will receive a free spaghetti parm, and of those 100 people, one person will be selected to receive free spaghetti parm for life.

Listen to the entire press conference below:

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