Cheektowaga Police Warn of Postal Scam

Identity thief changes address on suspecting victims who don't get usual bills in mail

Tom Puckett
February 23, 2018 - 1:21 pm

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) Cheektowaga Police are out with a warning that could affect your mail.

Assistant Police Chief Jim Speyer says in the last two months Cheektowaga Police have seen three of these cases and working with the U.S. Post Office, police have learned this has been a very active method of identity theft in the south, particularly in Florida. "An individual realizes he's not getting his mail and when he goes to the post office, he learns the information has been changed," explains Speyer. "Now all the mail is going to a bogus or different address and they're not getting mail like bills or other mail that has personal, confidential information."

Speyer says in two of the three cases the mail was diverted to a Florida address and the third case the address was changed to one the victim had used many years ago.  He says the thief then opens credit cards or loans in the victim’s name (identity) and the bills are sent to the bogus address.  By the time the victim learns of the credit cards or loans it is months later because they are not getting the bills.

Cheektowaga Police detectives have had other police agencies go to the address where the mail is being sent but these are unsuspecting people that wonder why they are getting someone else’s mail.  When one of these reports is filed police are telling the victims to immediately contact the major credit reporting bureaus and place a fraud alert on themselves.

Speyer says if you're not receiving your mail in a normal fashion, contact the post office, and if something's suspicious, contact police. 

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