Cheektowaga Police Say Pamphlets Distributed Were Racist

Police say person who distributed them did so randomly

Tom Puckett
August 19, 2019 - 1:22 pm

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) Cheektowaga Police say pamphlets distributed to a couple of neighborhoods on Friday came from the Racial Nationalist Party of America, with a Lockport PO Box return address, and contained Racial and Religious wording that are offensive.

Police say they were distributed on Standard Pkwy and Edmund St. Detectives say they caught up to the person who disseminated the drops, and admitted to doing the drops. "Someone had gone down and some of these fliers were strewn about. Once we got physical hold of these fliers, we put our detectives to work," says Chief David Zack.

Zack says the person distributed them at random, and there was no target. "Our first concern was to make sure no single individual was targeted. Word was a car was randomly throwing these leaflets out, and we wanted to make sure no single person was targeted," notes Zack. He says many residents discareded them, others did call police.

Detectives consulted with representatives of the Erie County District Attorney’s Office who stated that no criminal charges could be filed. The Cheektowaga Police will be issuing the individual a Summons for Littering. The individual’s name was forwarded to the FBI, Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, and Lockport Police. "It may seem silly to some, we are going to take advantage of every single thing we can in this case," explains Zack. "This is clearly white natinalist literature, and I hate drawing any more attention to this cause." He says if someone's putting out a free coupon for free pizza, it's something police would not cite, but in this case, a lot more extra attention would be given.

Could there be a double standard? Attorney Paul Cambria says it shouldn't matter what the content is if it's a littering matter. "To be successful and show a civil rights violation, you'd have to prove another pamphlet equally placed but with a different or favorable message did not get cited, but the unfavorable message did," says Cambria.

Cambria says police cannot charge someone with littering a pamphlet because they didn't like the message and not someone who left a similar pamphlet with a different message.

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