Charges in Cold Case Murder from 1982

Former Rochester-area Man Charged with Murdering Wife

Allan Harris
November 10, 2019 - 6:56 am

(WBEN/AP) A former Rochester man who told police in 1982 that he came home from work to find his wife dead with an ax buried in her head has been charged with murder.

An indictment was unsealed Friday against James Krauseneck in the Feb. 19, 1982 killing of 29-year-old Cathleen Krauseneck in their Town of Brighton home..

The 67-year-old Krauseneck pleaded not guilty. His adult daughter accompanied him to the court appearance.

His attorneys insist he is innocent.

Krauseneck told police in 1982 that he found his wife dead when he returned to his  home from his job at Eastman Kodak Co. He scooped up his then-toddler daughter who had been in the house with her dead mother's body and ran to a neighbor's home to call police.

Shortly after the muder Krauseneck moved back to his hometown in Michigan and stopped talking with police.

Authorities in 2016 conducted DNA testing on the ax handle and other evidence.

Monroe County Assistant District Attorney William Gargan is prosecuting the case.

James Krauseneck has posted bail.

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