Celery Wins First Race!

Retires from racing immediately after

Richard Root
August 31, 2017 - 3:17 am
Celery wins!

Courtesy of the Buffalo Bisons


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Celery, the former perennial loser stalk of celery, won its final footrace last night at Coca Cola Field.

Celery beat Wing, Atomic Wing, and Blue Cheese for the first time after the Bisons game.  This was his first win in 450 races since 2011.

For a packed house of over 16,000 fans, it was a long wait to see Celery's final race.  The game between the Bisons and the Pawtucket Red Sox went into extra innings.  The Red Sox finally won over the Bisons in the twelfth inning.

On its Twitter account, Celery notes that its first stop after he was done at Coca Cola Field was to (716) Food and Sport.  It did not mention if it went for a meal, or just drinks.

Even thought Celery is retired from racing, fans can still expect to see it there at Coca Cola Field as part of the Bison's game-day experience.

Below are some Tweets that capture the magic.  

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