CCS Oncology Closes Next Friday

Roswell Park to host patient forum Monday

Tom Puckett
April 19, 2018 - 3:25 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) CCS Oncology patients are getting word facilities will be shutting down for good next Friday, April 27th.

The letter says most appointments scheduled after that will be canceled, except for a few the week of April 30th. Those whose appointments will be kept will be contacted.

Earlier this month, CCS filed for bankruptcy. 

CCS says at its request, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has agreed to provide triage to determine patients requiring immediate clinical attention, and to arrange for services for those who want to transfer to Roswell Park.

Dr. Marc Ernstoff, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Marc Ernstoff of Roswell Park says if you can't get treatment as you transition right away, don't panic. "In general, a delay of a few days to a week between therapy is not a critical component of their outcomes," says Ernstoff. In fact, allowing new physicians a little bit of time to review records to make sure it's safe to continue is recommended moving forward. 

Roswell Park says it will host a patient forum at its Amherst location at 100 College Parkway in Williamsville at 6:30pm.

Health care consultant John Bartimole says if it had to happen, he's glad it's coming sooner than later. "I"m sure it was a formidable task. I applaud them for not stringing this out, and not stringing this out for their patients," says Bartimole.

Health Care Consultant John Bartimole on CCS Oncology's closing

Bartimole says the region is blessed with a number of cancer treatment centers. "We have an abundance of cancer resources in the Buffalo area, and that's a good thing for the patients who now need to scurry to either find out where their physicians are going, or where to get continuity of service," explains Bartimole. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield issued this statement: 

"BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York is focused on the healthcare of our members.  We have been preparing for the possibility of the closure of this specific medical practice and have a comprehensive plan to assist our members to transition to other practices in our network of physicians.

It is important to note that we know there are many high quality options for oncology, specialty and primary care in Western New York in our Blue network.  We believe many physicians who have been practicing at CCS have already transitioned or will transition to other medical practices and will continue to provide care to their patient panel. 

For any BlueCross BlueShield member who has a question or concern, as always, we ask that they call our Customer Service team using the phone number on the back of their Member ID card.  We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition of care for our impacted members, this remains our primary focus."


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