Carl Paladino Not Running For Governor

Broke the news Sunday in Albany

Richard Root
January 29, 2018 - 3:41 am

Albany, NY (WBEN) - Carl Paladino appeared at the 51st Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference in Albany Sunday.  While he was there, he broke news some New Yorkers might not want to hear.

Paladino will not join the race to unseat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

He made the remark to reporters after the event, and later confirmed it to various sources state-wide, including WGRZ.

“There’s no reason to go out and waste your money and waste the time of people when you just don’t have the weaponry,” Paladino told reporters.

In his speech to the Conservatives, he called on state Republican Chairman Ed Cox to step down and also criticized Republicans for not finding a competitive challenger to take on Cuomo.

Paladino didn't provide additional details on his decision not to run.  He was removed from the Buffalo School Board over the summer of 2017 after a five day hearing in Albany.

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