Caputo Takes To The Airwaves In Advance Of House Testimony

Followed By CNN This Week, Before Testimony in Trump Probe

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(WBEN) Former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo will go before the House Intelligence Committee July 14, but in the meantime, he's speaking out on WBEN.

With a CNN camera team in tow, Caputo, an East Aurora-based political  operative and public relations consultant, will fill-in for WBEN's Sandy Beach for several days this week, beginning Monday at 9 am.

" I'm going to open up the show and ask people what they think I should say, " says Caputo, a frequent WBEN contributor.  "  Not only do I get to sit and answer qustions, but I get to say some things on my own. And I hope to be able to provide some productive input to the committee, to shut down this bogus Russian collusion delusion."

The private testimony is part of the panel's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible ties to President Donald Trump's campaign.

Caputo lived years ago in Russia, and worked for a period for the Russian-owned Gazprom Media after he returned to the United States. He also served for several months as a communications staffer on the Trump campaign.

During the House Intelligence Committee hearings in March, Congresswoman Jackie Spier described Caputo as one of those caught in Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin's web, essentially doing his bidding while part of the Trump campaign.    Friday's closed door hearings in Washington are expected to probe that further. 

In a letter sent to the committee, Caputo wrote of his employment with the Trump campaign saying that "At no time during this period (November 2015 to June 2016) did I have any contact with Russian government officials or employees," according to the New York Times.  “The only time the president and I talked about Russia was in 2013, when he simply asked me in passing what it was like to live there in the context of a dinner conversation,” he wrote.

Caputo Takes Your Calls Monday at 9 am




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