Caputo Releases Ukraine Hoax

Caputo says documentary shows Clinton benefitted from Ukrainian interference in 2016

Tom Puckett
January 24, 2020 - 4:00 am
Michael Caputo

Michael Caputo/Getty Images


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Michael Caputo is adding filmmaker and author to his resume, with his documentary on what he calls The Ukraine Hoax, which will air this weekend on national cable. He also has a book out with the same title.

Caputo says he was in Puerto Rico for a documentary but funding was lost. He says he spoke with his wife about doing another documentary about Ukraine. "I went there in August, not knowing this was coming. I had no idea President Trump was going back and forth with the president of Ukraine. I had no idea the whistleblower was filing his complaint," says Caputo. "Frankly, it's fraught with peril, but it's also an opportunity because my film is a bullseye of what's going on. There was so much to tell I wrote a book with Bombardier Books called The Ukraine Hoax."

He says The Ukraine Hoax is about the corruption that led up to Hunter Biden joining Burisma Energy, and when Ukraine interfered with the 2016 US presidential elections. "I offer chapter and verse that proves Hunter Biden and Devon Archer very likely violated federal law for lobbying for Burisma and the oligarch lobbying their fathers," notes Caputo. "The reason I believe they were lobbying is because there's a flurry of activity that shows Joe Biden was especially active with Ukraine in Washington at times when the owner of Burisma Energy needed help." Caputo beleives Hunter Bident helped the oligarch stay off the sanctions list.

He also says Ukraine interefered in the 2016 US presidential election to help the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Caputo says one of the Ukraine's president's top parliament members was working with the US Embassy and the Democratic party to create fake payments to Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign chairman. "That ledger, as fake as it is, got Manafort fired," says Caputo.

He adds Valentine Nalyvaichenko, a former leader of Ukraine's equivalent to the FBI, told him in an interview the Ukrainian government and the president at the time organized the interference, violating laws and committing crimes in Ukraine. "If the top law and order people in Ukraine believe crimes were committed and want to investigate that, and our government doesn't want to as President Trump asked them to, then we will prove to be more corrupt than Ukraine," says Caputo.

The documentary airs Saturday and Sunday night at 10pm on One America News Network.

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