Caputo: Mueller Report Should Be Released

Caputo believes Mueller report should be made public

Tom Puckett
March 26, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Now that the Mueller Report is in, Michael Caputo says that report should be made public, and Democrats should let it go.

Caputo believes the Mueller Report should be made public, for only one reason. "Out of the 50 plus people who were indicted, more than half were Russians who never set foot in the United States, and had no contact with Donald Trump or the Trump campaign," says Caputo. "While Mueller indicted 56 people, most of them were Russians who had nothing to do with Donald Trump."

Caputo says it's time for the Democrats to move on. "They'll find little things to talk about, but it's not enough to retain the political advantage they've had," explains Caputo. "Little by little this will wind down, and the more they hang on to it, the more they will suffer at the polls,"

With the report turned in, does Caputo find himself out of criminal peril?  "There will be no more criminal exposure, but for me I'm looking at some invitiation to testify before House Democrats," says Caputo. "I'm not likely to do that. I'll have to look at what legal representation I want. I suspect I won't cooperate and take my Fifth Amemdment protections. I've testified three times, truthfully each time. Each time it cost me half my salary and I'm not going to do this anymore."

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