Canalside's Carousel is on Track

July 2020 Opening



Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - The crown jewel of the Buffalo Waterfront is expected to open in July of 2020.  The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation expects to break grouns in October for a solar powered carousel that will be enclosed in a roundhouse at Canalside.

The non profit Buffalo Heritage Carousel is preparing a wooden menagerie consisting of 34 animals.

"It will be located near the Southern end of the Central Wharf site, close to Clinton's Dish," said ECHDC President Steve Ranalli.

It is not just a carousel. This one is nearly 100 years old and has been in storage for decades. "It was built in 1924 by Spillman Engineering of North Tonawanda," said Ranalli. "It's been in storage for close to 60 years.  It's a very rare type of carousel and we're excited to have it on the waterfront."

Rides will cost $1. Several of the wooden animals in the collection will be available for donors to adopt.  

"This is one more attraction, one more family friendly thing to do at Canalside," said Ranalli. It may also be a turning point for concerts at Canalside. "The concert series continues to evolve. We can fit the stage in for part of next season, if not the entire season, but we'll continue to monitor the concerts to determine what makes the most sense for the entire Buffalo Waterfront."

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