Canalside Concert Admission Fees A Big Change After 30 Free Years

Admission hasn't been charged, longer than some concert goers have been alive

Dave Debo
May 18, 2017 - 6:26 am

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As WBEN first reported  30 years of free concerts will come to an end this year when the Canalside series unveils this year's lineup  and a $5 admission fee today.

The series--- which actually started in Fountain Plaza downtown in 1987 before moving to Lafayette Square the next year and on to Canalside in 2011 -- has been an admission free event for longer than some concert goers have been alive.  (See list at bottom of page)

Buffalo city councilman David Franczyk says that could make for a big adjustment.

"People are used to it being free so that might be something for people to get used to,"  Franczyk says. " You know free for all these years so that might be interesting."

While Franczyk suggests the move could separate out those who just want to drink,  Congressman Brian Higgins is opposed to charging a fee  on more philosophical grounds.

 "The public has paid for , through their tax dollars, the vast improvements that are made here  (at Canalside) and they should be able to enjoy it... and imposing a fee, to me is blocking access for a public that has already paid admission."

But organizers have argued for a while that a fee might separate concert goers who are willing to pay for music, from more disruptive ones who show up to just socialize and drink.

 Last August, approx. 2000 people rushed the barrier at a T-Pain concert, prompting an even closer look at Canalside concert admission fees. After that,  Canalside General Manager Ryan Coate  was quoted as saying they were already discussing the possibility of charging a small fee at Canalside.

"I'm not saying we'll never charge" he told Channel 2, "but we'll want the public's input on that, and to be on the same page as far as what we charge, if we were to charge, and what you get for that fee.  But we're not there yet."

HEAR MORE: Empire State Development VP Sam Hoyt on the WBEN Liveline

The 2017 season will be the first with a fee, and the last at it's current venue.  Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. has plans to put a large, vintage carousel on the site where the stage currently sits, and Corp. Chairman Robert Gioia has said they will have to move the concerts beginning in 2018 to accommodate that.  

The concert series did offer $55 VIP tickets last year with food specials and enhanced bathroom access, but a general admission fee has never been part of the equation.  Information on ticket sales and Canalside access is expected to be part of the announcement Thursday evening when officials unveil this year's lineup of artists.  


July 2 - September 17, 1987: 12 Thursday in the Park Concerts (Fountain Plaza)
July 2nd: Big Wheelie & the Hubcaps
July 9th: Slam
July 16th: Harold Travis & H.Q.
July 23rd: Buffalo Zew Revue
July 30th: USA Band
August 6th: Bobby Militello and RPM featuring Paul Viapiano
August 13th: Flashpoint
August 20th: White Lies
August 27th: The Boomers
September 3rd: Buffalo Jazz Workshop
September 10th: Bomplane and Raggat
September 17th: Phil Sims and the Buffalo Brass

June 23 - September 1, 1988: 11 Thursday at Buffalo Place Concerts (Lafayette Square)
June 23rd: The Scintas
June 30th: Bobby Militello & R.P.M.
July 7th: Flashpoint
July 14th: The Home Boyz
July 21st: Gamalon
July 28th: Frank Beach & The Duke Street Kings
August 4th: Billy McEwen & The Soul Invaders
August 11th: The Tweeds
August 18th: The Unity Band, featuring Cynthia Moore & Claude Kregg
August 25th: Only Humen
September 1st: Ladyfire

June 15 - August 31, 1989: 12 Thursday at Buffalo Place Concerts (Lafayette Square)  
June 15th: Buffalo Zew Revue
June 22nd: The Pine Dogs
June 29th: The Sattalites
July 6th: The Tweeds
July 13th: The Unity Band
July 20th: The Party Squad
July 27th: Rock-A-Mania
August 3rd: Phil Sims and the Buffalo Brass
August 10th: The Home Boyz
August 17th: Billy McEwen and the Soul Invaders
August 24th: Ladyfire
August 31st: Only Humen

June 14 - August 30, 1990: 12 Thursday at Buffalo Place Concerts (Lafayette Square)
June 14th: Nik and the Nice Guys
June 21st: The Pine Dogs
June 28th: The Sattalites
July 5th: Beat City 
July 12th: The Hurricanes
July 19th: The Jamie Moses Band
July 26th: David Kane and Them Jazzbeards
August 2nd: Billy McEwen and The Invaders
August 9th: Blue Note Jazz Quartet with DoDo Green
August 16th: The Unity Band
August 23rd: Outer Circle Orchestra
August 30th: Stan and The Ravens

June 13 - September 5, 1991: 12 Thursday at Buffalo Place Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
June 13th: The Mamas & the Papas
June 20th: Billy McEwen and the Invaders
June 27th: The Sattalites
July 11th: Rocket 88
July 18th: The Lance Diamond Show
July 25th: The Hurricanes
August 1st: The Jamie Moses Band
August 8th: The Pine Dogs
August 15th: The Ravens featuring Barbara St. Clair
August 22nd: Emery Nash
August 29th: Gamalon
September 5th: The Road

June 4 - August 27, 1992: 14 Thursday at Buffalo Place Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
June 4th: Be Bops, The Guess Who
June 11th: One Drop Reggae
June 18th: Billy McEwen and The Invaders
June 25th: John and Mary, The Great Train Robbery
July 2nd: The Hopping Penguins
July 9th: David Kane & Then Jazzbeards
July 16th: The Krackups, The Groove
July 23rd: The J.C. Thompson Band 
July 30th: The Fibs
August 6th: Caribbean Extravanganza
August 13th: The French Ticklers
August 20th: Joyryde
August 27th: The Sattalites
September 3rd: Rattlesnake, The Steam Donkeys

June 3 - September 2, 1993: 14 Thursday at Buffalo Place Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
June 3rd: The Sattalites
June 10th: Pulse with Special Guest Butch Rolle, Unity Band with Cynthia Moore and Lisa Rushton
June 17th: Diane Gaffney, Billy McEwen & The Invanders
June 24th: Lance Diamond, Goo Goo Dolls
July 1st: The Bel-Vistas, Leslie Spit TreeO
July 8th: The Great Train Robbery, Marvelous Sauce
(Monday Special Show) July 12th: The Jeff Jarvis Quintet, Bobby Militello – Organ Trio
(Tuesday Special Show) July 13th: Karaoke at Buffalo Place
(Wednesday Special Show) Jut 14th: J.C. Thompson Band
July 15th: One Drop Reggae
July 22nd: McCarthyizm, Lowest of the Low
July 29th: Heat Handlers, Shadows with Barbara St. Clair and The Hitman
August 5th: Where’s Broadway, Outer Circle Orchestra
August 12th: John and Mary, Moxy Fruvous
August 19th: Crash Roosters, Blue Rodeo
August 26th: Rick Smith, Pat Shea & The Stone Country Band
September 2nd: The Sattalites 

June 2 - September 1, 1994: 14 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
June 2nd: The Jamie Moses Band, Nick and the Nice Guys
June 9th: Big Happy Family, The Waltons
June 16th: The Excellos Featuring Mr. Conrad, Billy McEwen & The Soul Invaders
June 23rd: Pine Dogs, Skydiggers
June 30th: Tropical Explosion, The Sattalites
July 7th: Crash Rooster, Tinsley Ellis
July 14th: McCarthizm, Jonny Vegas
July 21st: Dance or Die, Hypnotic Clambake
July 28th: The Need, Hall of Fame Band
August 4th: Ansley Court, Wild Strawberries
August 11th: Wild Nik West, Stevie Ray Shannon
August 18th: Crumbs of Insanity, Pigfarm
August 25th: The Dreadbeats, King Apparatius
September 1st: Potter’s Field

June 1 - August 31, 1995: 14 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
June 1st: Billy McEwen & The Soul Invaders, The Sattalites
June 8th: The Skeptics, 10,000 Maniacs
June 15th: Outer Circle Orchestra, Otis Rama & The Shama Lama Nik Dongs
June 22nd: Union, Burnin’ Moon
June 29th: Planet 9, Boss Street Band
July 6th: Only Humen, Nik Fever – The Wrath of Polyester
July 13th: Plaster Sandals, Morganfields
July 20th: Willie & The Reinhardts with Dave Constantino, Downchild Blues Band
July 27th: Win Lose or Draw, Coupe De Villes
August 3rd: The Tails, Nullstadt
August 10th: Eden, The Saddletramps
August 17th: Willie Mays Blues Band, Marshall Badger
August 24th: Dee Dee Tompkins, Jim Yeomans Band
August 31st: Straight Forward, Bobby Militello

May 30 - August 29, 1996: 14 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square)
May 30th: Alpha Delta Nik, Three Dog Night’s Chuck Negron
June 6th: Philosopher Kings, Sprit of the West
June 13th: De’Riff (formerly One Drop Reggae), Veltri & Morgano Rhythm & Soul Revue
June 20th: The Jump Kings, Hit ‘N Run
June 27th: Leeron Zydeco and the Hot Tamales, JC Thompson Band &the Honky Tonk Angels
July 3rd: The CPR Band with the Perpetrators, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
July 11th: Gamalon, Buckwheat Zydeco
July 18th: Surfvivors, Lance Diamond and the Diamond Band
July 25th: Roadside Attraction, Universal Honey
August 1st: Shaft, Taylor Made Jazz Band
August 8th: Phil Sims and the Buffalo Brass Band, The Bobby Militello Quintet
August 15th: Scott Carpenter & The Real McCoys, Toler Bros. Legends of Southern Rock
August 22nd: McCarthyizm, Ominous Seapods
August 29th: Billy McEwen & The Soul Invaders, The Sattalites

May 29 - August 28, 1997: 14 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 29th: The Boys of Summer, Big Wheelie & The Hubcaps
June 5th: Velour, Echo & The Bunnymen
June 12th: C.O. Jones, Electric Chick Magnets
June 19th: Plaster Sandals, McCarthyizm
June 26th: Chanka Chank Cajun Zydeco Band, The Honky Tonk Angels, Dallas Alice
July 3rd: The Shadows with Barbara St. Clair with special guests – The Hitmen Horns, The Sattalites
July 10th: Animal Planet, Moxy Fruvous
July 17th: Johnny Hart & The Jumpstarts, Spirit of the West
July 24th: The Bebops, Gary Lewis and the Playboys
July 31st: Scott Carpenter & the Real McCoys, The Lance Diamond Show
August 7th: Buffalo Swing, Michael Civisca
August 14th: The Pine Dogs, Buckwheat Zydeco
August 21st: Only Humen, Billy McEwen & The Soul Invaders
August 28th: Coupe D’Villes, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

May 28 - August 27, 1998: 14 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 28th: Flipside & The Legends of Rock – ‘n – Roll, Switch
June 4th: Skydiggers, Moxy Fruvous
June 11th: McCarthyizm, Mary Black
June 18th: Saw Doctors, Squeeze
June 25th: N.Y. Rockin’ Rodeo Band, Molly Hatchet
July 2nd: Electric Bushmen, Reggae Cowboys
July 9th: Fat Brat, Grass Roots
July 16th: Skin Tight Band, Buckwheat Zydeco
July 23rd: Great Big Sea, Michael Oliver & Go Dog Go
July 30th: Stone Bridge Band, Billy McEwen & The Soul Invaders
August 6th: The Shadows with Barbara St. Clair, Lance Diamond Band
August 13th: Scary Chicken, Blue Rodeo
August 20th: Dolly Watchers, Sass Jordan
August 27th: Danny Lynn Wilson, Popa Chubby

May 27 - August 26, 1999: 14 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square)
May 27th: 54-40, Riley, By Divine Right
June 3rd: The Flutie Brothers Band, Project R&B Revue
June 10th: Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails, The 7th Sons, Leon and the Forklifts
June 17th: Shawn Mullins, John Whelan
June 24th: Great Big Sea, Guster, Michael Oliver and Go, Dog, Go!
July 1st: Lance Diamond, Wendell Rivera and the Latin Jazz All-Stars
July 8th: Paul Revere and the Raiders, Tom Stahl
July 15th: Kelly Willis, Steam Donkeys
July 22nd: Billy McEwen & The Soul Invaders, Junction West
July 29th: The Reverend Horton Heat, Irving Klaws, 53 Days
August 5th: The Marshall Tucker Band, Tommy Z
August 12th: Fighting Gravity, bag., Bread Gone Wry
August 19th: Spirit of the West, Universal Honey, Alison Pipitone
August 26th: Spro Gyra, Straight Forward

May 25 - August 31, 2000: 15 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 25th: Black 47, Jackdaw, Mudtown Rudy
June 1st: Tugboat Annie, Velour
June 8th: Moist, The Sheila Divine, Oui*73
June 15th: The Robert Cray Band, Project R&B Revue
June 22nd: The Animals, Weekend
June 29th: 54-40, Johny Vegas, The Contortionists
July 6th: Blue Rodeo, Tara MacLean, Alison Pipitone
July 13th: Kim Mitchell, Shannon Curfman, Tommy Z Blues Power Trio
July 20th: Burning Spear, One World Tribe
July 27th: Sister Hazel, Major Healy
August 3rd: Leahy, Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire
August 10th: The Billy McEwen Band, Stone Bridge Band, Swillberries
August 17th: Medeski, Martin & Wood, Them Jazzbeards, Redheaded Stepchild
August 24th: Bruce Cockburn, Willie Nile
August 31st: Lance Diamond, CO Jones

May 24 - August 30, 2001 (15th Anniversary Season) 15 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 24th: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mexican Cession, The Imports 
May 31st: Andy Griggs, Steam Donkeys 
June 7th: Kim Mitchell, Willie & The Reinhardts, The Urban Renewal Band
June 14th: The Jeff Healey Band, Tommy Z Blues Power Trio 
June 21st: moe., D.J. Logic & Project Logic
June 28th: The English Beat, Femi Kuti
July 5th: The Billy McEwen Band, The Stone Bridge Band, Cruizin’ Deuces
July 12th: David Wilcox, Tom Stahl, The Alison Pipitone Band
July 19th: Bo Diddley, Animal Planet
July 26th: The Sheila Divine, Crash Test Dummies, The Push Stars
August 2nd: Eddie Money, Swillberries, Rufus Maneuvers
August 9th: Pat Benetar, Seven Day Faith 
August 16th: Great Big Sea, Jackdaw, Jennifer Marie
August 23rd: The Lance Diamond Show, C.O. Jones
August 30th: Donna The Buffalo, Soulive, The Waz

May 23 - August 22, 2002 (16th Anniversary Season) 14 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square)
May 23rd: Cowboy Junkies, Suzanne Vega, Jennie Stearns
May 30th: Blood, Sweat & Tears featuring David Clayton-Thomas, Doug Yeomans & The Lo Blu Flame
June 6th: Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, The Divine Comedy
June 13th: Rik Emmett, The Tommy Z Band
June 20th: Marcia Ball, The Filter Kings, Mark Stanley Band
June 27th: Spirit of the West, Jackdaw
July 11th: The Derek Trucks Band, Jazz Mandolin Project
July 18th: The Smithereens, The Bob Fera Band, Original Skin
July 25th: Average White Band, Junction West
August 1st: Maxi Priest, Outer Circle Orchestra
August 8th: Cracker, Lake Trout, Klear
August 15th: Don McLean, Tom Stahl & The Dangerfields, Leah Zicari
August 22nd: They Might Be Giants, Redheaded Stepchild, Katie Miller
August 29th: The Lance Diamond Show, C.O. Jones

May 29 - September 4, 2003 (17th Anniversary Season) 15 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square)
May 29th: Living Color, Antigone Rising, LP
June 5th: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Pietasters, Catch 22
June 12th: Kim Mitchell, Michael Lee Jackson Band
June 19th: 54-40, Luther Wright & The Wrongs, More Than Me
June 26th: Default, Finger Eleven
July 3rd: Gord Downie &The Country of Miracles, Hawksley Workman
July 10th: Gov’t Mule, Klear
July 17th: They Might Be Giants, McCarthyizm, Woven
July 24th: Reel Big Fish, Gob, Zebrahead
July 31st: North Mississippi Allstars, Flogging Molly 
August 7th: G. Love & Special Sauce, Addison Groove Project, Kosmic Barnyard
August 14th: Aimee Mann, Martin Sexton
August 21st: Max Creek, The Billy McEwen Band
August 28th: April Wine, Honeymoon Suite
September 4th: Sarah Slean, Universal Honey, The Tom Sartori Band

May 27 - September 2, 2004 (18th Anniversary Season) 15 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square)
May 27th: Sam Roberts Band, The Clarks, Scott Celani
June 3rd: Black 47, Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Tom Stahl & The Dangerfields
June 10th: Fuel, Seven Day Faith, Magna-fi
June 17th: Kim Mitchell, Anjulie, Agent Me
June 24th: Robert Randolph & & The Family Band, The Tommy Z Band
July 1st: Blue Rodeo, Universal Honey, The Old Sweethearts
July 8th: The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Willie & The Reinhardts
July 15th: Spirit of the West, Enter The Haggis, Andy Mac
July 22nd: Leon Russell, Billy McEwen Band
July 29th: Arrested Development, Lazlo Hollyfeld
August 5th: Sound Tribe Sector 9, John Brown's Body
August 12th: Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Sanity, Last Days of Radio
August 19th: Gavin DeGraw, Toby Lightman, Marc Brussard
August 26th: Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Universal Grille
September 2, 2004: Klear with special guest host Robby Takac, Last Conservative, The Juliet Dagger

May 26 - September 1, 2005 (19th Anniversary Season) 15 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 26th: Southside Johnny & & The Asbury Jukes, Gamalon
June 2nd: Theory of a Deadman, Submersed, Breaking Point
June 9th: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, The Dears, Marjorie Fair, Jon Nicholson
June 16th: Howie Day, The Redwalls
June 23rd: Eric Burdon & The Animals, Cock Robin, Dollywatchers
June 30th: Little Feat, Stone Bridge Band
July 7th: Sarah Harmer, Hothouse Flowers, Maria Sebastian
July 14th: Dr. John, LeeRon Zydeco & the Hot Tamales
July 21st: G. Love & Special Sauce, State Radio
July 28th: Lowest of the Low, The Marble Index, Army of Me
August 4th: Lou Gramm, Willie Nile
August 11th: Great Big Sea, Stand
August 18th: John Waite, McCarthyizm
August 25th: Sam Roberts, Matt Mays & El Torpedo
September 1st: Spin Doctors, Sweatin' Like Nixon, Host Echo

May 25 - August 31, 2006 (20th Anniversary Season) 15 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 25th: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, BeArthur
June 1st: Smash Mouth, Army of Me, Agent Me
June 8th: Mike Doughty’s Band, Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers 
June 15th: Soulive, Bedouin Soundclash
June 22nd: Blues Traveler, Carbon Leaf
June 29th: 54-40, The Trews
July 6th: India Arie, Eric Crittenden, Lazlo Hollyfeld
July 13th: Jeff Martin, Burning Paris
July 20th: Shooter Jennings, The Brakes
July 27th: Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Drive By Truckers
August 3rd: Violent Femmes, Stand, Mark Norris and the Backpeddlers
August 10th: Yonder Mountain String Band, Down To the Roots
August 17th: Donna the Buffalo, Tea Leaf Green
August 24th: Sloan, The Alison Pipitone Band, Johnny Nobody
August 31st: Eric Burdon & The Animals, Tom Stahl & the Dangerfields, The Ifs

May 31 - September 20, 2007 (21st Anniversary Season) 17 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 31st: Umphrey’s McGee, Tea Leaf Green
June 7th: Son Volt, Just Jinjer, Dali's Ghost
June 14th: Augustana, Army of Me, As Tall As Lions
June 21st: Violent Femmes, Mobile, The Rev
June 28th: Joan Osborne, Will Hoge
July 5th: Sam Roberts Band, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
July 12th: moe.
July 19th: Nickel Creek, Glen Phillips, Rob Falgiano
July 26th: Old 97’s, Yonder Mountain String Band
August 2nd: John Butler Trio, Melissa Ferrick
August 9th: Keller Williams, Jonah Smith
August 16th: Soul Asylum, The Alternate Routes, Floozie
August 23rd: North Mississippi Allstars, The Wood Brothers
August 30th: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Benevento-Russo Duo
September 6th: The Romantics, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
September 13th: Anders Osborne, Charlie Hunter Trio
September 20th: Dropkick Murphys, Jackdaw

May 29 - September 4, 2008 (22nd Anniversary Season) 15 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square) 
May 29th: Galactic, The New Deal
June 5th: An evening with… The Disco Biscuits
June 12th: An evening with... Yonder Mountain String Band
June 19th: The David Sanborn Group, Gamalon
June 26th: Martin Sexton, Mike Doughty Duo, Scott Celani, Kevin McCarthy
July 3rd: Jakob Dylan & The Gold Mountain Rebels, Rob Falgiano Band
July 10th: Jimmie Vaughan, JJ Grey and Mofro
July 17th: Mickey Hart Band, featuring Steve Kimock and George Porter Jr., Tea Leaf Green
July 24th: Gin Blossoms, Dan Erickson, The Common Kings
July 31st: Spirit of the West, Babik, Penny Whiskey
August 7th: Zappa Plays Zappa, The Whigs
August 14th: Mike Gordon, Samantha Stollenwerck
August 21st: Saliva, Klear
August 28th: Candlebox, Agent Me
September 4th: Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Indigenous

May 28 - July 30, 2009 (23rd Anniversary Season) 10 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square)
May 28th: Gomez, Steel Train, Alberta Cross
June 4th: An evening with… The Disco Biscuits
June 11th: Robert Randolph & The Family Band, The Dana Fuchs Band
June 18th: Better Than Ezra, Tyrone Wells, Free Henry!
June 25th: Los Lobos, The Billy McEwen Band
July 2nd: Zappa Plays Zappa, The London Souls
July 9th: Los Lonely Boys, Mick Hayes Band, Hill Country Revue
July 16th: George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
July 23rd: Neko Case, Jason Lytle, Alison Pipitone
July 30th: The Avett Brothers, Cornmeal

June 10 - August 12, 2010 (24th Anniversary Season) 10 Thursday at the Square Concerts (Lafayette Square)
June 10th: Alejandro Escovedo and The Sensitive Boys, Tift Merritt
June 17th: Ingrid Michealson, A. A. Bondy
June 24th: Martin Sexton, Ryan Montbleau Band, Civil Twilight 
July 1st: Ed Kowalczyk (of Live), Sugar Red Drive, Son of the Sun
July 8th: Ozomatli, Rebelution
July 15th: Umphrey’s McGee, Tea Leaf Green
July 22nd: G. Love & Special Sauce, Rogue Wave
July 29th: Robert Randolph & The Family Band, The London Souls
August 5th: Los Lobos, JJ Grey and Mofro
August 12th: The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Hit & Run, Will Holton

June 2 - August 4, 2011 (25th Anniversary Season) 10 Thursday Concerts (Lafayette Square/Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf)
Lafayette Square

June 2nd: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Son of the Sun, The Etchings 
June 9th: Morris Day and the Time, The Missing Star, Autopunch
June 16th: Blues Traveler, Willie Nile, The Pillagers
June 23rd: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Fitz & The Tantrums, Southside
Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf
June 30th: Lowest of the Low, Hey Rosetta!, Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins
July 7th: Sloan, Johnny Nobody, The Found
July 14th: Court Yard Hounds, Alison Pipitone Band, Rob Falgiano Band
July 21st: Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Jamie Moses Band, Tommy Z Band
July 28th: George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Taylor Made, The Rod Nickson Project
August 4th: Tokyo Police Club, The Sheila Divine, Potter's Field

June 7 - August 23, 2012 (26th Anniversary Season) 12 Thursday at the Harbor Concerts (Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf) 
June 7th: The Cult, Against Me!, The Icarus Line
June 14th: Fitz And The Tantrums, ZZ Ward, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
June 21st: Built to Spill, Matthew Sweet, Hey Rosetta!
June 28th: Fountains of Wayne, Summer People, The Albrights
July 5th: Arrested Development, Aqueous, Outer Circle Orchestra
July 12th: Seether, Chosen Ones, Breakerbox
July 19th: Young the Giant, Bahamas, The Apache Relay
July 26th: Arkells, Gomez, Elliott Brood
August 2nd: The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Ruby Spirit
August 9th: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins, Wolf August 16th: Salt-N-Pepa, 
Chae Hawk
August 23rd: Matt Nathanson, Lights, Voices

June 6 - August 29, 2013 (27th Anniversary Season) 12 Thursday at Canalside Concerts (Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf)
June 6th: The Hold Steady, Hollerado, Johnny Nobody
June 13th: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, St. Lucia, The Room
June 20th: Steven Page, The Truth, Son of the Sun
June 27th: Teddy Riley and Blackstreet featuring Dave Hollister, DJ C-Perfect, DJ Heat
July 11th: G Love & Special Sauce, Arkells, The Drowning Men
July 18th: Los Lonely Boys, Good Night Texas, Randle & The Late Night Scandals
July 25th: The Fixx, Wang Chung, Indians
August 1st: Yonder Mountain String Band, Railroad Earth
August 8th: Halestorm, Highly Suspect, Melia
August 15th:  Evening with Todd Rundgren, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, This Is Fiction
August 22nd: Adam Ant and The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse, Wicked Grin, Prima Donna
August 29th: Lotus, Aqueous

June 12 - August 8, 2014 Thursday at Canalside Concerts (Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf)
June 12: Dj Milk, Soul Rebels, Shaggy
June 19  Conehead Buddha, moe.
June 26 : July Talk , Sam Roberts Band
July  3: Boy & Bear , Hey Rosetta!, Gord Downie & The Sadies
July  10: Fitz and the Tantrums
July  17: The Oh Hellos , Lake Street Dive
July 24 : Extreme
July 31: Sheila E
August 8 BPO Rock Show: Earth, Wind & Fire + Michael Jackson

June 4 - August 20,  2015 Thursday at Canalside Concerts (Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf)
June 4: Matt and Kim with Bearstronaut and Made Violent
June 11: Arkells with Robert DeLong and Milo Greene
June 18: Everclear with Fuel and American HiFi
June 25: Spoon with July Talk
July 2: The Sheepdogs with Yonder Mountain String Band
July 9: Mighty Mighty Bosstones
July 16: The BPO “Buffalo’s All-Star Tribute to Stevie Wonder”
July 23: Bad Fish “A Tribute to Sublime” and Reel Big Fish
July 30: Iron and Wine with Ben Bridwell
August 6: Umphrey’s McGee and Aqueous
August 13: Get The Led Out “The American Led Zeppelin”
August 20: En Vogue

June 9 - August 25 2016 Thursday at the Harbor Concerts (Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf) 
June 9: Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaries
June 16: Frank Turner with special guest July Talk
June 23: Public Enemy
June 30: Frankie Ballard
July 7: Dweezil Zappa Plays Frank Zappa
July 14: Shakey Graves and Preservation Hall Jazz Band & Wild Child
July 21: The Arcs and Mariachi Flor De Toloache
July 28: BPO “A Tribute to David Bowie”
August 4: Tritonal
August 11: Lowest of the Low and Serena Ryder
August 18: Coolio
August 25: Claypool Lennon Delirium

-Source: Buffalo Place, Canal Harbor Dev. Corp

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