Man Charged with Throwing Teen into Erie Canal During CanalFest

Tonawanda Police Officer witnessed entire incident

Tom Puckett
July 20, 2018 - 3:09 pm

Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) A man is charged with throwing a 15 year old into the water at CanalFest Thursday evening.

City of Tonawanda Police say a teen girl approached a man saying the 15 year old boy was "harassing" him. Police say 20 year old Austin Terry Terry then proceeded to pick up the 15 yr old carry him to the canal break wall and throw him into the canal. Captain Fred Foels says Austin carried the teen "a good 15 feet into the water." The 15 year old was able to swim to a nearby boat.

An officer on an ATV in the area witnessed the encounter and placed Terry into custody. The incident happened on the canal break wall near the Delaware Street Bridge in the City of Tonawanda.

Terry was arraigned this morning and bail set at $1500.

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