Can Petition Drive Hurt Malone's Credibility?

Garabedian says Vatican will look at other factors, including donations

Tom Puckett
September 10, 2019 - 4:00 am

WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As a petition drive continues to remove Bishop Richard Malone from the Buffalo Catholic Diocese, An attorney who dealt with priest sex abuse in Boston says it could be an element in taking away Malone's credibility.

Mitchell Garabedian says this could help diminsh Malone's good standing with the Vatican. "Petition drives can be effective especially when coupled with lawsuits being filed, the information being released about the diocese not protecting children. It's a complicated matter," says Garabedian. "If Bishop Malone loses enough credibility, he will step down."

Garabedian says there are parallels between Buffalo and in Boston, where Cardinal Bernard Law was ultimately ousted. "The public is really looking upon Bishop Malone as one who did not protect children. Donors are concerned, and the number of donations are dwindling. Victims are speaking out whether via lawsuits or petition drives," says Garabedian.

He says there's no doubt the Vatican is watching, and most of all, the bottom line. "My experience has shown me is money really talks, and if the amount of money donated is dwindling, then the credibility of Bishop will be dwindling, and he will be asked to resign," notes Garabedian. 

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