Can Anyone Beat Trump in 2020?

Corey Lewandowski says strong economic policies, weak Democratic field point to re-election

Tom Puckett
October 23, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The man who managed Donald Trujmp's 2016 campaign says all indications are Trump should win re-election in 2020. Corey Lewandowski hopes locally a special election will be called sooner rather than later in NY27.

"As I travel the country, I see the economic opportunities people have because of this president's policies whether it's tax cuts or reducing the size of the government. Because of those factors, I see Donald Trump winning in 2020 by a wider margin than in 2016," says Lewandowski.


Are there any Democratic contenders? Lewandowski says the opposition party's strength or lack thereof could also help Trump. "All of a sudden we see three people who are not candidates talking about getting into the race are Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg and Michelle Obama. The reason they're talking about that is the fact the current field is so weak right now. The Democrat establishment realizes none of them can take on Donald Trump one on one, so they're trying to bring someone else in and be successful," says Lewandowski.

Locally, Lewandowski says he'd like to see a special election called in NY27 soon. "I think it's incumbent on the leadership in New York to call that special election, let those voters have representation. I don't think it's fair they don't have representation," notes Lewandowski.

He wouldn't mention who would be the best candidate locally, but quality wise, "it's important to have the ability to have a great constituent service program. Your job in Washington is to represent and help your constiuents who are having problems at home and help them through those problems. It's key to have someone who can help solve those problems."

David Bellavia, who announced he would not run, says any of the Republican candidates would make a great congressman, but notes one important issue. "Whoever wins, it's a tough thing. Folks who raise money now have to spend it on a primary next summer. You're not even learning where to park on Capitol Hill and you're worried about other candidates attacking you all that time," says Bellavia. 

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