Calls for Cashless Tolls at Grand Island Bridge

Cashless tolls would improve flow of traffic

Mike Baggerman
May 11, 2017 - 3:05 pm

WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman


GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. (WBEN) - Local leaders gathered just outside the Grand Island Bridge on Thursday afternoon in a joint push for cashless tolls at the bridge.

“Of the 18 toll bridges exclusively in New York State, six currently utilize cashless tolls,” Congressman Brian Higgins said. “Implementation of a cashless system is in the works on five more bridges in the next six months.”

Of those six bridges, the Grand Island Bridge is not included, though legislation introduced in the Senate and Assembly previously called for the removal of the controversial toll booths. 

Criticisms of the bridge include pollution from idle traffic waiting to reach the toll booths. There’s also complaints that traffic is too long, especially if there’s an accident on the bridge itself.

Cashless tolling would improve the flow of traffic. EZ-Pass lanes would be available along with “Camera” lanes. The cameras would take a photo of the license plate and send you a bill in the mail.

Senator Jacobs explained that on the south Grand Island Bridge, the cashless tolls would be near the Exit 16 sign located on the 190-South.

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