Call to Remove Grand Island Bridge Tolls Grows Louder

Public forum to be held tonight

Brian Mazurowski
March 22, 2017 - 9:55 am

Grand Island, NY (WBEN) - The call to remove the tolls on the Grand Island bridge is growing louder.

A public forum hosted by WNY for Grand Island Toll Barrier Removal will be held Wednesday night. At the event, a presentation will be followed by an opportunity for any Western New Yorker to voice their opinion on the tolls.

"There's a lot of people that won't commute across Grand Island, they won't move to Grand Island, they won't do business on Grand Island," said Brian Michel, who is organizing the forum.

Michel is trying to gather 10,000 signatures in a petition drive on the issue.

"Behind the scenes we have been getting some feedback from Albany," Michel said. "Our voices are being heard, but the goal tonight it to make our voices a whole lot louder by framing this as an issue that doesn't just effect Grand Island, but also the communities to the north and south of the island."

Removal of the tolls is not the only option being discussed. Some have raised the question if high speed tolls, like the ones used in Massachusetts, could alleviate bridge traffic. 

Michel said the high speed tolls are an option, but the preference would be to remove the tolls entirely. 

Wednesday night's public forum will be held at the Niagara Global Tourism Institute on Old Falls Street in Niagara Falls at 6:00PM.

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