Bulldog: ????

November 08, 2016 - 4:31 am

I thought to go with question marks. Really, if I were merely trying to get your attention I could have just gone with WT - for a header on this but that would be inappropriate.
Let's get this out of the way early. The Bills got screwed out of what should have been a 39 yard field goal try at the end of the half. That was the result of the game officials inexplicably ignoring the Richard Sherman cheap shot on Dan Carpenter. 
At least I'm pretty sure that would've been the distance. Forgive me for maybe being confused. The chain of events is hilariously inept, even by NFL standards that regularly leaves fans debating the most obscure nonsense.  
Bills line up for a field goal. Sherman jumps offsides by so much the play is blown dead immediately. Undeterred, Sherman barrels into Carpenter anyways and gets flagged for offsides and that's all. So the Seahawks are penalized 5 yards which the Bills then give back when the officials, apparently unhappy with the royal mess they've already made of the final 4 seconds of the half, double down and flag the Bills for delay of game when they forgot to reset the play clock.
Oh I almost forgot in between those two plays the Bills had to snap and spike the ball so Carpenter could get back on the field after being attended to by a trainer after the blatant, unpenalized cheap shot from Sherman.
Hmmm, I wonder, could rampant incompetence be a reason why NFL ratings are down?
Look, I know how it works. I shouldn't assume a field goal would've been made from 39 yards, nor another one at the end of the game that would've tied things up at 31. Carpenter has missed enough extra points the past two seasons to at least make you pump the brakes a little on the "Bills would've tied it up" idea if not for the idiocy of the officials.
But come on, man. I'm lugging around a 16 year (ton?) playoff drought as it is. I don't have any room in here for ignoring the kicker getting blasted and YOU forgetting to reset YOUR play clock. What, with all the layers of mind numbing replay garbage you're telling me there's no recourse when the clock gets screwed up through your own ineptitude?
Nice. Get it right. 
As for the rest of the game. Well, Tyrod Taylor looked good, maybe the best he's been since winning the job. Still, the Bills needed one more play and didn't get it. Too bad, would've been a great step and an important win.
The cornerbacks...yeesh!
From this point forward any Bills opponent that doesn't chuck it deep at least six times in a game should turn in their play books. Maybe six isn't even enough. For real, throw it down there. Your guy is either going to be open or a Bills cornerback is going to tackle him, grab him, hold his hand, trip him. Whatever, you get the point. The Bills might be in full on crisis mode back there. Darby was benched, Gilmore has had a rocky year, Robey Coleman took a turn on the penalty wheel. A mess is what they are and that's tough because I'm pretty sure cornerback is supposed to be one of the strengths of the team.
So now what? C'mon, you know what now. Hover around .500 and stock up on deer urine. It'll be time to get "in the hunt" soon.
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