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Building collapses during firefighting effort

No injuries resulting from fire or collapse

April 15, 2019 - 1:46 pm

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Buffalo firefighters were battling fierce flames at a house on Michigan Avenue near Glenwood in the city Monday morning when the structure collapsed during firefighting efforts.  Nobody was injured in the fire or collapse and all residents of the home have been accounted for.

Buffalo Fire Division Chief Peter Kertzie tells WBEN there are a number of reasons why a building would collapse and their followup investigation may lead to a clear reason.  Kertize believes the home was in some state of rennovation at the time of the fire and the building is considered a total loss.

"We noticed the wall bowing", Kertzie told WBEN at the fire scene.  "We established a collapse zone around the building, a short time after that the building collapsed", said Kertzie. 

There was a report from a neighbor of a possible explosion or "pop" sound at the time of the fire report, but that is being investigated by fire investigators.

Flames also spread to an adjoining home and daycare buisiness and left at least $15,000 in damages to that structure.

While conditions weren't ideal for firefighters with rain and sleet falling, Kertzie quipped, "it's just another day in paradise".  "The weather really isn't slowing anyone down", added Kertzie.

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