Buffalo's Early News Discusses Failure To Repeal Obamacare

Hear GOP Commentator Carl Calabrese and others


As he ponders his next steps, President Donald Trump faces decisions on whether to back administrative changes to fix Obama's health care law or undermine it as prices for insurance plans rise in many markets. Over the weekend, the president tweeted a promise of achieving a "great healthcare plan" because Obamacare will "explode."

 House Republicans passed roughly 60 bills over the past six years dismembering President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, but were unable to  pull together enough conservative and more moderate Republicans, without any Democratic support.  It was an self-inflicted collapse that smothered the GOP effort.

So what happens now? Is Trump politically damaged?  What's it mean for the GOP in Congress?   Monday morning on Buffalo's Early News, WBEN's Susan Rose and Brian Mazurowski talked with GOP Analyst Carl Calabrese, White House Reporter Karen Travers, ABC Analyst Steve Roberts and Brad Arthur, the pharmacist-owner of Black Rock Pharmacy in Buffalo.

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" Republicans are looking for the perfect bill. Democrats are willing to take something less and work on it,"

 -- Carl Calabrese



White House Reporter Karen Travers


Pharmacist Brad Arthur, Owner, Black Rock Pharmacy, Buffalo


Commentator Steve Roberts

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