"Buffaloed" Hits the Big Screen

"We had a fantastic premiere at the North Park"

Marquee outside the North Park Theatre in North Buffalo

North Park Theatre


North Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Buffalo is on the big screen.  "Buffaloed" is a comedy-drama set in Buffalo, starring Zoey Deutch. "She plays a con artist, trying to make as much money as she can, to get out of the Queen City," says North Park Program Director Ray Barker.

Sunday marked the premiere of the film at the theatre on Hertel Avenue.  "We had a fantastic premiere with a great turnout."

It's not exactly a flattering view of Buffalo. It's set during the steel city days. "This is not the modern Buffalo that we know with great restaurants and a lot going on."  Barker said the movie makes you appreciate how far the city has come.

The movie is not only set in Buffalo, the screenwriter, Brian Sacca, is from Lockport.  

"There's a lot of excitement about this movie," said Barker. "There's a lot of relatable moments for Buffalonians and a few good laughs."

"Buffaloed" - has been held over for another week at the North Park.

North Park is also showing the Academy Award winning film "Parasite" this week which has been getting a lot of post-Oscar buzz. "We've been playing not only the original color version but also the black and white version which was just approved by the director." Parasite has made national news for how much money it has made since the Oscars.  It's getting one of the largest bounces ever from an Oscar win.

While Parasite came out since last October and is available on a number of streaming platforms, Barker says the only way to see it is on the big screen. "You want a communal experience. When people are laughing, it's contagious.  When it's is a thriller, you can feel the tension. We have the largest screen in Western New York and we think this is the way that movies should be seen."

The Hertel Ave. theatre is getting ready for another Buffalo made movie, A Quiet Place II, starring John Kraczynski in March. 








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