Buffalo Police suspend officer after verbal altercation involving woman

Officer caught on video swearing at woman videotaping incident

WBEN Newsroom
June 29, 2020 - 6:38 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The Buffalo Police are again in the spotlight after a Facebook video was posted that shows a Buffalo officer verbally abusing a woman as other officers attend to a man outside a 7-11 store in the city.

Sources in the department tell WBEN there is an internal investigation now underway into the incident caught on video and Lieutenant Michael Delong has now been suspended without pay.

In the video, which contains extremely vulgar and obscene language, Delong asks the woman recording with her cell phone if the vehicle she is near is hers.  The woman was asking the officer if so many officers needed to be dispatched to deal with what she claims was a man under the influence of drugs.

As Delong and the woman interact, he calls her a vulgar obscenity as she cotninues to record the incident. "Thank you. You're 'gonna' be viral," she exclaims to Delong.


Ruweyda Ahmed Salim posted on her Facebook page, "The cop in the video literally walked up on me and physically and verbally harassed me by shoving his whole body against me, breathing on me, calling me out of my name, and making sexist remarks. I kept trying move away from but he kept coming after me. He was overtly intimidating me and trying to provoke me. None of the 9 other cops stopped this man from physically harassing me. I’m so small and not intimidating in the slightest but they acted like was such a threat. Who’s training these people? Why is acceptable for them to degrade me? Armed police officers should be able to effectively do their job with out being threatened by civilians recording them. "

The video adds another case to the list of incidents involving officers and alleging police misconduct.

Just Friday attorneys representing Quentin Suttles announced plans to sue the city, police department, commissioner and two officers after a violent May 10 arrest.

Two Buffalo officers are also suspended and facing felony assault charges stemming from the Martin Gugino protest incident which has drawn worldwide attention.


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