Buffalo Police Car Stolen from B-Station

Suspect in custody after hitting a fire hydrant

Mike Baggerman
March 30, 2017 - 1:46 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A suspect is in custody after Buffalo Police said he stole a patrol car on Thursday. The car struck another car before hitting a hydrant.

It happened on Comstock near Minnesota just after noon Thursday. The suspect, who was not identified by authorities, took a marked vehicle in the B-District parking lot when an officer entered the building. The officer immediately recognized the vehicle went missing.

"All of our vehicles have GPS technology in them," Buffalo Police Lieutenant Jeff Rinaldo said. "They were able to immediately locate where the vehicle was. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle took off, a small persuit insued. The vehicle crashed into I think a fire hydrant. Nobody was injured."

Ladayja Close witnessed the incident. She said it looked like a police car pulling over another.

"We assumed the cab was being pulled over," Close explained. "Then the cab pulled over and the police cars kept going, then you see 15 other cop cars coming from Bailey, then they crashed into the police car, and we're wondering why would a policeman hit another police car." 

She says the suspect was immediately pulled out of the car and placed into another patrol vehicle.

"It was just a large boom," she said in describing the crash. "The collision between the car being hit by a police truck into the hydrant and you could see the water burst on top of the car," adds Close, who was sitting in a nearby car at the time.


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