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Buffalo One of Worst Places to Drive In?

WalletHub: Private parking garage prices, precipitation, among factors cited

July 11, 2018 - 3:00 pm

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - From the never-ending lists that rank cities across the United States for one thing or another comes a new Wallet Hub survey recently released on the Best and Worst Cities to Drive In.

Buffalo was ranked No. 77 overall in the list(scroll down to see an interactive map). Among the major criticisms that drove the Queen City ranking down  was the price for parking in private garages. For two hours of parking, it costs the average driver in Buffalo approximately $27.44, ranking worst on the Wallet Hub list. Compare that rate to Riverside, California, which has the best rate a $1.43 for the same time.

"That is actually a statistic from the U.S. Highway Administration," Jill Gonzalez of Wallet Hub said. "It's actually tied with two other cities that are significantly larger: Boston and Chicago. All of the cities are about 20 times higher than the lowest parking rate."

New York City was closer to $25 while San Diego, California was around $24. 

"Buffalo is the smallest of all of those with the very high parking rates," Gonzalez said. 

Some of the lowest parking rates aside from Riverside include Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Fort Wayne.

"Smaller cities that tend to be in the South and the West as well with lower costs to begin with," Gonzalez added.

City of Buffalo Parking Commissioner Kevin Helfer refuted the report, questioning what their definition is of private parking garages and said the garages offer $8 per day parking in the City of Buffalo. 

Buffalo also ranked the worst with most days with precipitation. The city was 50th in "Safety Rank", 74th in "Cost of Ownership & Maintenance Rank", 71st in "Traffic & Infrastructure Rank", and 75th in "Access to Vehicles & Maintenance Rank".


Source: WalletHub

As with any of these surveys that ranks cities, you can take them with 'a grain of salt' and check out the complete report and methodology here.

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