Buffalo Catholic Diocese Corrects List of Accused Priests

List was initially handed out Tuesday

March 22, 2018 - 4:35 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Buffalo Catholic Diocese has released a corrected version of the list of priests accused of sexually abusing minors.

A diocesan spokesman says, "This accurately reflects that James P. Hayes died in 1988 (not James F. Hayes who died in the 1990’s and should not be on this list). It also indicates that Chester Stachewicz died in 2010. We were not aware of this because certain priests left town decades ago and we were not obligated to keep track of their deaths."

The corrected list as follows:

John R. Aurelio (2009)
Donald W. Becker
David M. Bialkowski
Robert J. Biesinger (2012)
James H. Cotter (1991)
Donald S. Fafinski
Douglas F. Faraci
Fred G. Fingerle (2002)
Michael R. Freeman (2010)
Joseph P. Friel (1995)
Mark M. Friel
Thomas G. Gresock
John P. Hajduk
Michael J. Harrington (1989)
Brian M. Hatrick
James P. Hayes (1988)
Louis J. Hendricks (1990)
J. Grant Higgins (2016)
Francis T. Hogan (2010)
Fred D. Ingalls
Florian A. Jasinski (1983)
Gerald C. Jasinski
Richard P. Judd (1988)
Timothy J. Kelley
Thomas L. Kemp
Richard J. Keppeler (2011)
John D. Lewandowski (1982)
Bernard M. Mach (2004)
Loville N. Martlock (2014)
Thomas J. McCarthy
Basil A. Ormsby (1997)
Norbert F. Orsolits
Martin L. Pavlock
Roy K. Ronald (2013)
Joseph E. Schieder (1996)
Gerard A. Smyczynski (1999)
James A. Spielman
Chester S. Stachewicz (2010)
Edward J. Walker (2002)
William G. Ward (2008)
William F. J. White (2016)
Robert W. Wood

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