Buffalo Balances Public Safety and Access

Mayor Brown on WBEN: 'Soft Target' Attack Puts Focus on Prevention


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Tuesday's Terror attack in New York City is shining yet another light on so-called soft targets everywhere, including Buffalo.

Walking the line between public safety and securing public access can be tricky. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown knows the problem well.

"It's certainly important to find that balance," Brown said Thursday morning on WBEN. "You want to keep public facilities accessible and open, but at the same time you want to make sure that you build in safety measures to protect the public. That's what we've tried to do in the City of Buffalo in public facilities like City Hall and also at special events that happen in the city."

In the past year, large bollards aimed at preventing automobile attacks were installed outside of City Hall. Before that, metal detectors were put in place at each of the building's entrances that all visitors have to go through.

The Mayor said the city remains as prepared as it can be for any sort of incident, including Wednesday's hazmat scare that had a high-traffic portion of downtown Buffalo on alert.

"I thought the reaction was excellent, it was immediate. They responded in the way they were trained to respond," Brown said. "Also, just on Halloween night, locations in the city that were public where we knew there would be a lot of families and children out trick-or-treating, we had members of the Police Department there making sure those events were safe."

During Brown's WBEN visit, he also talked about capital projects included in next year's budget, and Thursday's big Buffalo Bills game. Hear the entire interview below:


Capital Budget Proposal Out - Mayor Byron Brown

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