Brown Denies Any Relation to Maserati Driver

"They are not a nephew; they are not a niece..."

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December 10, 2019 - 2:54 pm

(WBEN Photo/Brendan Keany)


BUFFALO (WBEN) - Mayor Byron Brown was very quick to dispel any rumors or conspiracies that the man driving the Maserati that killed two people in October in South Buffalo is in any way related to him.

On Tuesday morning, Channel 7 released the name of the driver - 34-year-old Antonio D. Brown. As the driver has not been charged, and he shares a last name with the mayor, the incident has led to widespread speculation of some sort of coverup.

"About the driver of a car that was in the accident; they are not a relation; they are not a nephew; they're not a niece; I don't know them; I never met them," said Brown emphatically. "And one thing that maybe the public should try to understand is that everyone with the last name 'Brown' is not related to me."

Watch the full media scrum below, with comments on the Maserati incident beginning near the 7:00 mark:

Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo went on with Tom Bauerle, and he confirmed everything the mayor said.

"I can confirm for you that this individual, who's the driver of the Maserati, is of no relation to any political figures in Western New York," he said. "I think that this case is unique because people are under the impression that these investigations should be completed within a day or two, and that's just not the reality of how complex accidents involving two fatalities work."

Listen to the full segment with Rinaldo below:

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