Broadway Market Police Substation Officially Opens

Facility will act as a full functional police station

Brendan Keany
August 21, 2019 - 3:14 pm

(WBEN Photo/Brendan Keany)


BUFFALO (WBEN) - Wednesday marked the official opening of the police substation within the Broadway Market.

Mayor Byron Brown stood with several police officials to discuss the $550,000 facility.

"This 1,200 square-foot building is part of our overall plan to continue to make the City of Buffalo safer, including here in the Broadway/Fillmore area," said Brown. "This facility will be operational seven days a week, and it will be here for the vendors, the visitors and the residents of the Broadway Market's designed to make this area of the city even safer and to make visiting the market even more attractive."

Listen to the full press conference below:

Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood provided more details about its daily operations.

"There will be 10 officers assigned from the Buffalo Neighborhood Engagement Team along with two lieutenants, and this will create a stronger presence in the market and the surrounding neighborhood," said Lockwood. "The substation will be fully functional with technology and will be ran like a regular police station."

There can often be reports of communities pushing back against an increased police presence in a area, but Brown noted that's certainly not the case in this instance.

"The community has been very supportive; the community wants to see their police officers, and they want to see police response," he said. "The Buffalo Police Neighborhood Engagement Team is a new unit that was created by Commissioner Lockwood and the management team, and they have really distinguished themselves in terms of their passion for community policing. It is a unit of our police department that the community feels extremely good about based on all of the work that the Neighborhood Engagement Team is doing to build the relationship between community and out police department."

Captain Jeff Rinaldo echoed Brown's sentiments, saying that he isn't aware of any section of the city that supports a smaller police presence.

"If anything, we have more outstanding demands for police attention, more community policing and more presence of officers in neighborhoods," said Rinaldo. "The city has five police districts, but it's a relatively large-sized city, so the goal with this substation is to kind of start creating that bridge between C District and E District in terms of where they're located and start putting resources where the community has asked for them in the past, and to help re-secure areas of the city where they're not in close proximity to an actual district."

Listen to Rinaldo's full comments below:

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