Border Patrol agents rescue kayakers

Two women were wearing life jackets

WBEN Newsroom
July 15, 2020 - 4:56 pm
Niagara River

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Customs and Border Protection agents rescued two women whose kayak overturned Wednesday afternoon.

Around 12:15pm, the CBP Marine Unit responded to a distress call transmitted by the U.S. Coast Guard of a capsized kayak on the Niagara River near the Peace Bridge. The CBP says agents saw a woman kayaker clinging to a net that a nearby fisherman had extended to her. The agents then reached into the rapids and were able to successfully pull her safely onboard their Border Patrol vessel. Agents treated her for a minor laceration. then taken to the Harbor Place Marina where she was met by Emergency Medical Services. Another woman was also rescued.

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“The quick action our agents displayed prevented a potential tragedy, said Patrol Agent in Charge Jeffery T. Wilson. “This portion of the river is extremely treacherous and is another example of our agents putting their own lives on-the-line in order to help keep our communities safe.”

Buffalo Police say both women were wearing life jackets. 

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