Bishop Richard Malone (WBEN Photo/Tim Wenger)

Bishop Malone Releases Statement on Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

Bishop: Diocese...committed to learning from the sins and crimes of the past

August 16, 2018 - 4:40 pm

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Bishop Richard Malone commented on the recent Pennsylvania grand jury report about the catholic church.

"The Diocese of Buffalo is committed to learning from the sins and crimes of the past and from the ways they were handled. I share in the sense of horror at the magnitude of damage wrought on victims by ministers of the church who, of all people, should be eminently trustworthy. It's a different church now in the way we respond to any claims of abuse".

The report accuses priests of using religious rituals, symbols of faith and the threat of eternity in hell to sexually attack children over the years. It says several priests made a boy strip and pose as Jesus on the cross, and one used a crucifix to sexually attack a boy. Threats of eternal damnation also were not uncommon as pedophile priests victimized young boys. Church leaders say most of the offenses occurred well in the past and note that major reforms were adopted in the early 2000s to safeguard children.

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