Bishop Malone and NYS Bishops Meet with Pope

"It's hard to see how Bishop Malone can continue"

Buffalo Diocese -


Vatican City (WBEN) - Bishop Richard Malone of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo was among the New York State Bishops who met with Pope Francis Friday at The Vatican.  The meeting with The Pontiff was planned and part of the ongoing "ad limina" visit in Rome.

Christopher Lamb is the Rome reporter for The Tablet who tweeted earlier this week that the resignation of Bishop Malone was "imminent" and today told WBEN he expected the meeting including Malone and Pope Francis would have included "open and frank discussions".  Lamb had no indication of the agenda of the meeting or what was discussed in detail.

Lamb again tells WBEN he stands by his reporting and expects action with regard to the future of Malone in Buffalo to be taken "quite soon".

"It's hard to see how Bishop Malone can continue", Lamb told WBEN's Brian Mazurowski during a LIVE interview on WBEN early Friday.

Lamb's initial reporting on the 'imminent' resignation came before sexual abuse allegations against Brookly Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio surfaced.  DiMarzio is the Bishop charged by the Vatican to travel to Buffalo and investigate the diocese as part of an "apostolic visitation" and send a report to Rome.  The allegation now against Bishop DiMarzio "does complicate matters in some way", Lamb tells WBEN.

Both Bishop Malone and the Diocese of Buffalo have denied the accuracy of the report of an imminent resignation with Malone characterizing the developments as "adsolutely false" in a comment to Rome reporter Chris Altieri.

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The meeting with the Pope Friday included Bishops and Auxiliary Bishops from across New York.  Here is a complete list provided by the Vatican press office:

Today the Holy Father received in audience:

- Prelates of the Episcopal Conference of the United States of America (Region II) on their “ad Limina Apostolorum” visit:

  - His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan, archbishop of New York

    with the auxiliary bishops:

    - Bishop Peter John Byrne, titular of Cluain Iraird

    - Bishop John Joseph O'Hara, titular of Ath Truim

    - Bishop Edmund J. Whalen, titular of Cemeriniano

    - Bishop Gerardo J. Colacicco, titular of Erdonia

  - Bishop Edward Bernard Scharfenberger of Albany

  - Bishop Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio of Brooklyn

    with the auxiliary bishops:

    - Bishop Raymond Francis Chappetto, titular of Cizio

    - Bishop Octavio Cisneros, titular of Eanach Dúin

    - Bishop James Massa, titular of Bardstown

    - Bishop Neil Edward Tiedemann, titular of Cova

    - Bishop Paul Robert Sanchez, titular of Celiana

    - Bishop Witold Mroziewski, titular of Walla Walla

    and with the former auxiliary:

    - Bishop Guy Sansaricq, titular of Glenndálocha

  - Bishop Richard Joseph Malone of Buffalo

    with the auxiliary bishop:

    - Bishop Edward Michael Grosz, titular of Morosbisdo

  - Bishop Terry Ronald LaValley of Ogdensburg

  - Bishop Salvatore Ronald Matano of Rochester

    with the bishop emeritus:

    - Bishop Matthew Harvey Clark

  - Bishop John Oliver Barres of Rockville Centre

    with the auxiliary bishops:

    - Bishop Andrzej Jerzy Zglejszewski, titular of Nicives

    - Bishop Robert Joseph Coyle, titular of Zabi

    - Bishop Richard Garth Henning, titular of Tabla

    with the bishop emeritus:

    - Bishop William Francis Murphy

    and with the former auxiliary:

    - Bishop John Charles Dunne, titular of Abercorn

  - Bishop Douglas Lucia,

    with the bishop emeritus:

    - Bishop Robert Joseph Cunningham.

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