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Bills Streaker Pleads Guilty in Orchard Park Court

Will serve no jail time, must pay fine and complete community service

December 07, 2017 - 6:10 pm

ORCHARD PARK - (WBEN) On Thursday, Tristan Lambright appeared back in court to work a plea deal following his now famed streak across New Era Field back on November 12.

Lambright plead guilty to one count of public exposure, so that, in return, the other charges we was facing would be dropped. The judge accepted the deal, which means Lambright walked out of the court without a criminal record, according to his attorney, Julie Atti Rogers.

"What happened tonight is that we took a plea," she said. "Tristan plead guilty to one count of public exposure, which is a violation, so it's a non-criminal disposition which means that he'll leave here tonight, thankfully, without a criminal record...we're really pleased with the way things happened tonight."

Lambright was sentenced to a $250 fine plus other charges, 25 hours of community service as well as being banned from New Era Field for a year. Overall, Lambright is relieved that the process is almost over, and he is also grateful that the sentence, which could have been up to 15 days in jail, was significantly reduced.

"It was a huge, lingering concern from the moment I was apprehended and arrested," said Lambright. "Because of the serious potential ramifications after it happened, I was well aware of the amount of trouble I potentially was in, and ever since I was in custody, I've been concerned about this."

The process officially ends when Lambright's payments are made and the community service hours are completed. He has until March 10 to fulfill those requirements.

LISTEN: Julie Atti Rogers and Tristan Lambright speak following Lambright's guilty plea


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