Bills, Patriots Coaches Preparing for Sunday's Matchup

AUDIO: Hear from both coaches inside

Tom Puckett
November 30, 2017 - 4:00 am

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) If you were looking for bulletin board material stemming from conversations with coaches in the Bills-Patriots matchup Wednesday, you'd be disappointed.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick says the Bills are a solid team. "This is a good Buffalo team, playing well in all three phases of the game. They're tough, they take the ball away, they run well and their kicking game is excellent," says Belichick. "Defensively, they have disruptive players at all three levels. They play well together and are well coached," says Belichick, who hopes his team can handle the defense and earn every yard. He adds accountability will be key. "Schematically it's been different. They play well fundamentally, they read zone patterns well, and you have to take control of everybody, not just one guy,"

Bills Coach Sean McDermott says he has great respect for the Patriots' sustained success. "Identifying strengths and making other teams beat them in other ways is a big part of how they prepare," says McDermott, but his mind is on his own team's preparations. "We have to focus on our process and our vision on what we are trying to become as a team, which is grow together and get better every week,"

McDermott adds the matchups will be important in stopping the Patriots' offense, and will be difficult with weapons across the board, from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski.

Kickoff is Sunday at 1pm.

AUDIO:  Bill Belichick


AUDIO:  Sean McDermott

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