The Trend of Table Slamming Tailgaters

Bills, Sheriff's deputies, and lot owners keeping an eye out for rowdy fans

Tom Puckett
September 14, 2018 - 4:00 am

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) As another home opener for the Bills gets underway, there is another round of worries about fans going through tables as they tailgate.

Some additional push for fans going through tables my come from former Bill Shawne Merriman, who Eric Matwjiow of Hammer's Lot says is trying to get fans to let him slam them through tables, with legal release forms in hand. "Are they going to up it like the wrestlers do this year? Put thumbacks, down, barbed wire, glass bottles?" wonders Matwjiow, who says this is more about the "look at me" approach. He fears it could have permanent consequences. "It's going to come to a pont where someone's going to get paralyzed," fears Matwjiow.

Matwjiow warns table slamming at his lot is off limits. "I do have signs up saying if I catch you, you'll be kicked out and you'll have to find another place to park," says Matwijow, who notes he has learned some tricks to catch fans in the act.

He adds the Bills say make mom proud in promos for good fan behavior, and wonders if fans slam themselves through tables in front of their families.

Scott Zylka with the Erie County Sheriff's Office doesn't get it either. "It's certainly interesting people have thrown themselves onto burning tables. The inherent risk of injury is just mind boggling," says Zylka. He warns there will be patrols along the lots at New Era Field. Anyone caught will be ejected.

While that alone disn't criminal, Zylka warns trying to return after being ejected or resisting after being told to leave could lead to arrest. 


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