Bills GM, Coach Prepare for Draft Day

Most fans pushing for quarterback to be picked in first round

Tom Puckett
April 26, 2018 - 4:00 am

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) We're hours away from the start of the NFL draft and Bills fans are clamoring for a big first round pick, some hoping for a quarterback.

"I'm excited for the draft, but there will be a different feeling, a nervous excitement, and this is a big draft for us," says Bills GM Brandon Beane. He says quarterbacks may be available beyond the first round. "There are guys not even talked about in the first round who have a chance to be good players and in other years could go higher." Beane says the top QBs warrant all the talk. "It's a quarterback league, either you have it or you don't," says Beane. "It's a matter of what flaws you're willing to deal with, and what strengths will fit your system."

Could the Bills' first round pick be able to start right away?  "It's which team, which fit, which organizations do a good job of fitting their strengths," says Beane, who adds there is no one consensus pick at QB.

Is there a possibility of a trading up in the opening round? "If you're trying to land a spot for whatever reason, you call and ask if they're interested in a trade," explains Beane, who says that goes on throughout the draft.

Bills Coach Sean McDermott says Beane has done a good job with players. "He knows he's looking to find a way to improve and he's done a phenomenal job," says McDermott. "We started a year ago, and you saw us build a team, and we're in the market of building a team. So, we're not going to turn down good football players."

McDermott says it's key to have quality players off the field as well as on.

The draft begins at 8pm. Buffalo at the moment has the 12th pick overall. 

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