Bills to Begin Voluntary Workouts

Roster has undergone major turnover in just one year

April 16, 2018 - 5:49 am

BUFFALO (WBEN) - The Bills will return to the field for the first time as a team for the start of the voluntary off-season workout program. This week is referred to as "Phase One" in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which means there are some pretty major stipulations as to what's allowed to happen.

First off, the only coaches permitted on the field are the strength and conditioning coaches, so this means that the workouts will be fairly limited to basic conditioning and rehabilitation exercises. Quarterbacks are only allowed to play catch with receivers, as long as they're not being defended. In fact, helmets won't even be worn for Phase One of the program. 

Further, the drama-filled off-season continues for the franchise. The latest stems from the confusion surrounding Pro-Bowl guard Richie Incognito. Last week, it was reported in several places that Incognito would be retiring, and he very well could be, but he has also sent some rather cryptic tweets in recent days, suggesting otherwise...or something.

"That was a short lived retirement. See you Monday for off season program."

Between the Eric Wood situation, the Zay Jones incident, several blockbuster trades, and who even knows what's going on with Richie Incognito at this point, it's been an interesting couple of months.

Here's another Tweet from the 34 year old.

"It’s never about the money until it’s about the money. Never forget! Money never sleeps... it doesn’t eat breakfast to run faster"

Now add in the expected drama that could take place next Thursday at the Draft, and that's one action packed offseason.

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